You will find all the answers to frequently asked questions.

General Info

You will get all the informations regarding the process, services, meetings, consultation and other related information.

Our Liability

We take pride in our work and tries to fully satisfy all your needs by providing extra-ordinary services and support.

Data Managment

We protect your sensitive information and sensitive data will be erased after project completion.


Your payments information are not stored on our website and your payments are securely processed.

How it works

General Information

You can place an order using the following means. 

  • Contacting us via email, live chat, support ticket and whatsapp.
  • Directly placing an order using auto payments and order processing.

Well, It depends on the nature of the project/service. A complete website development may take 10-30 days depending upon the complexity but we usually start working on your project on the very same business day or the following day.  

Yes, we offer free 40 mins consultation via zoom and 60mins via Skype.

Yes, you can request a voice/video call anytime.

We have been in the market since 2016 and has proven track records over Fiverr and Upwork. We have clients all over the world and has worked with over 10k clients globally. 

What we commit

Our Liability

Yes, we provide after support and the duration varies for different kind of projects.

  • Website development – 10 Days
  • App Development – 15 Days
  • Website Migration – 3 Days
  • Email Migration – 3 Days

If you’re not satisfied with the services and has a valid & authentic reason, we will refund your money. Please note that the taxes won’t be refunded. 

Yes, you can book any service you need but a full package would cost you less while individual services may cost more as compared to complete package. 

How we protect

Data Managment

Yes, the website will be completely GDPR and other local law compatible. Please mention this in the beginning of the project.

We may require access to certain client’s information such as their server, payment gateways and other necessary data that is required for the project but we never keep or use your data after project completion. Your data will be 100% safe and won’t be shared. 

We only put the data that you provide to us. Beside that, we use authentic & licensed resources and don’t use cracked tools. If the legal complaint is caused by our contents/resources then yes we’ll be responsible for that. 

The Financial Issue


You can pay using PayPal or Credit/Debit Card and all your payments are safe and protected.

You can cancel the project anytime. Please contact us either via email, support ticket, live chat or whatsapp and we will cancel your project.

If you change your mind at some point and want to cancel the project, you can cancel it anytime and following is the cancellation policy. 

  • Paid tools that are purchased specifically for your project will be deducted. 
  • 30% advance payments will be deducted if the project is cancelled before reaching first milestone. 
  • If the project is 50% – 75% completed, only 50% payments will be refunded. 
  • If you want to cancel the project after it’s completion, 75% of amount will be deducted. 

If you place an order accidentally, you will get full refund excluding any taxes involved.